elizabeth messina_GREER0005

I’ve always been drawn to people and places with style and a story. Boxes of love letters, crystal champagne glasses, the effortless way Euro-chic women step out in scarves and dresses. In my decade career as a photojournalist I had the opportunity to photograph everything from New York fashion shows to travel destinations in Italy and Bolivia.

I always knew that one day I’d return to my hometown of New Orleans-and now I have. My husband and I are renovating the wonderful house that my grandparents once owned. It’s amazing to think that our daughter is growing up in the same room where my mom grew up, and where I have memories, too.

My photography now focuses on weddings, and on the fashionable elements and romantic stories that surround them. My goal is to create beautiful, timeless photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. For clients who request it, I love photographing in film along with digital.

Every unique love, and every unique wedding, is made up of beautiful details. Where you met, where you fell in love, and the moment you “knew.”  My goal is to capture those details between you and your love so you can remember them forever.